Chocolate Moulds

Ever wanted to make your own chocolate? If so, you will want to buy a chocolate mould. Here we have a great selection of chocolate moulds for use at home. Easy to use chocolate moulds for chocolate bars or small chocolates. Have fun !!

Different types of chocolate moulds

There are lots of different type of chocolate mould available. They can be manufactured from different products such as silicon, plastic, metal, polycarbonate or rubber. Which one you buy will depend on what you are using the mould for and how much money you have to spend. One of the most popular types at the moment for home use are the Silicon Chocolate Moulds. Silicon conducts heat better than metal so the chocolate will cook evenly as well as faster. The other big plus for silicon is that it is very non stick ! Even unusual shapes of chocolate will be easy to remove from a silicon mould. They are also not too expensive to buy.
You can get chocolate moulds in lots of different shapes as well. These include but are by no means limited to traditional shapes such as truffles, right through to novelty shapes such as flower, teddies and themes such as star wars.

Silicon Chocolate Moulds

Plastic Chocolate Moulds

Polycarbonate Chocolate Moulds

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