Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate Pizza – Sounds like a weird idea but a chocolate pizza would make a great gift or fun present for any chocolate lover. Give the chocoholic in your life a novel gift of chocolate. In most cases they even come in a proper cardboard pizza box. There are even themed chocolate pizzas available for special events such a birthdays and fathers day. How many people could say that they had eaten a chocolate pizza!

We have selected some of the best chocolate pizzas for you to choose from. Browse through the pizzas below which are in order of size starting with the smallest. After that we have selected some speciality pizza options for you to look at. There are plenty of chocolate pizzas for you to choose from!

Chocolate Pizza Slices

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4″ Chocolate Pizza

7″ Chocolate Pizza

10″ Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate Pizza Making Kit

Happy Birthday Themed Chocolate Pizza

Different types of chocolate pizza

There are many different ways of making chocolate pizzas. Some pizzas have the chocolate incorporated into the dough. Some are prepared by using chocolate as a spread in place of tomato before adding more toppings. You can also buy pizzas with a variety of sweets and chocolates sprinkled on the top. You can eat these pizzas either as a main dish or use them for dessert depending on your taste and on which pizza you buy. There are even pizza companies in the UK who specialise in this type of pizza.

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