Chocolate Fondue Set

Sounds rather retro doesn’t it but chocolate fondue sets make for an unusual but fun gift. How can a chocolate lover not be pleased to receive a chocolate fondue set for their birthday or any special occasion. These fondue sets come in a a variety of colours and sizes. See below for a selection of our favourite chocolate fondue sets.

What is chocolate fondue?
Chocolate fondue is chocolate that has been melted until it is the consistency of a sauce and is then used for dipping food into. You can dip anything you want into the chocolate but the most popular food is probably fruit, especially strawberries !

Which fondue set should I choose?
Fondue sets are usually ceramic or metal although you can get enamel cast iron sets as well. Ceramic fondue sets are good for chocolate fondues because chocolate fondues don’t need very high heat. If you are cooking fondues and using fish or meat you will need much higher temperatures which means a metal fondue set would be better. There are also different types of heating element available. These include candles, gel fuel, liquid fuel, and electric. Which you choose is down to budget and personal choice. Electric is probably the simplest and maybe even the safest but you will need to be able to plug it in somewhere. Tea lights will do the job because you don’t need a lot of heat to melt chocolate. They are not as efficient as electric fondue sets though but are cheaper. Bear in mind you will need to buy lots of tea lights if you use your chocolate fondue set a lot !
Most fondue sets will come with a set of forks. They are usually colour coded so everyone knows which fork they are using.

Which chocolate should I buy?
You can easily buy chocolate fondant especially made for chocolate fondue sets. If you are making your own, you should pick chocolate with a cocoa solid content above 50%. The better quality of chocolate you buy the better quality of your chocolate fondue. You will need to stir your chocolate constantly and heat it slowly. You can mix the melted chocolate with cream that has been warmed which will stop your chocolate from hardening and will create a creamy texture. When your fondue is made it can be placed into the fondue pot for serving. Only a small amount of heat is needed to keep dessert fondue warm in its pot.

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