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Research suggests that chocolate may have been invented by the Aztecs 3100 years ago while they were actually trying to make beer. They ground cacao seeds to make a frothy drink. Cacao seeds didn’t arrive in Europe until the 16th century when they were bought back by the Spanish. Since then many different chocolate products have been invented.

Chocolate is made by first fermenting the cacao beans and then drying, cleaning and finally roasting them. When roasted the shell of the cacao bean is removed to give cacao nibs which are ground to produce chocoate in its rough form. This chocolate is called the chocolate liquour because it is liquified and then shaped along with any other required ingredients. The liquor can also be processed into two parts which are cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Different types of chocolate have varying amounts of cocoa butter or cocoa solids mixed together. The more solids there are in relationg to butter the more bitter the chocolate is. Most chocolate that can be bought these days also has fat and sugar added to sweeten it.

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